The travel industry at large is evolving quickly, but it still faces certain challenges such as fragmented services, scattered information, an overload of disparate customer data, and inconsistency in customer preferences which leads to shifting loyalties, customers demanding ultra-personalized travel experiences, and the seasonality of travel, all of which impact bookings. The fast pace of technological innovation has produced a treasure of new business opportunities in the global travel industry by expanding the scope of available services and experiences. The race to develop driverless cars, introduce digital assistants into homes, or make sense of online data has promised to change the way consumers travel. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and it’s here for the long haul. From here on out, it’s what hospitality does with AI and automation that will count with consumers. That includes leveraging the technology to give consumers more bang for their buck. Technology has never held more promise for the travel industry than what it holds today. This article from Absolutdata will discuss how the travel and hospitality industry in particular can use AI to its advantage.