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    Cloud based analytics product to optimize your conversion decision

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  • Clear out the noise and listen to your persuadable guests

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  • The inside track to better decisions

    Powered by advanced analytics and data science – Decision engineering continously improves frequent decisions that require judgement and experience

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  • When less is more: Focusing on the persuadable guest

    Are you wasting money by giving discounts to guests who would have booked anyway?

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Absolutdata is different.

Absolutdata introduces a new approach to analytics - Decision Engineering - a revolutionary new paradigm for using data to not just gather insights but to improve decision making.

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Improve your decisions.

Travel, Leisure & HospitalityTravel, Leisure & Hospitality

Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

  • How do I increase Non-room revenue?
  • How do I increase effectiveness of direct marketing/digital channel/e-commerce?
  • What is the right mix of digital and traditional media investments to achieve my revenue target?
  • How do I make promotions effective?
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  • How much do I invest in marketing?
  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How do I incorporate social media data into my marketing decisions?
  • Should I invest in this new product?
  • Whom do I target for this marketing action?
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  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How much should I invest on marketing?
  • What do I add/remove from my loyalty program?
  • Whom do I target for this marketing action?
  • When do I need to restock?
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Our SolutionsOur Solutions

Our Solutions

    We have an elegant set of solutions that help you make better decisions, irrespective of the industry you are in.
    If you have data. We have a solution.
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  • Kia

    Kia   |   Automotive

    Our clients are some of the most renowned brands in the world

  • Azamara

    Azamara   |   Club Cruises

    Our clients are some of the most renowned brands in the world

  • Royal Caribbean International

    Royal Caribbean International   |   Cruises

    Our clients are some of the most renowned brands in the world

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Will Technology and Data add to or subtract from the guest experience? Anil Kaul

There is an intense debate in the hospitality industry about whether technology and data will enhance or reduce the guest experience. Imagine if you are 

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Marketing Effectivenss In Hospitality – The Belief, The Tests & The Truth

The Most Responsive Guests will NOT deliver the Highest Payoff THE BELIEF As marketers, we love our most responsive and loyal guests. The problem is – 

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Driving Non Room Revenue by understanding Propensities and Affinities

Welcome to the world of Non-Room Revenue Managers. Once shunted to the sidelines, as having limited potential towards the topline, senior decision makers 

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Blog 2.1

When Less Is More : Focusing On The Persuadable Guest

Typically promotions are targeted at guests who are more likely to respond to promotions, however, this does not consider whether the guest would have 

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