• Decision Engineering: The inside track to better decisions

    Powered by data science and technology – Decision Engineering continuously improves frequent decisions that require judgment and experience

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    Generate hyper personalized campaigns
    Predict and track customer behavior
    Convert more customers, faster

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  • Introducing NAVIK Converter 2.0

    Run winning campaigns every time
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  • Enterprise Forecasting

    How Analytics Aligns Supply Chain with Consumption Demand
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Absolutely Intelligent Decisions

Absolutdata is transforming how decisions are made. The Absolutdata Decision Engineering™ methodology is driving better decisions, faster, at the world’s leading brands.


Latest from Absolutdata

Improve your decisions



  • Hotels: How do you embed analytics across promotions, loyalty and guests?
  • Cruise Lines: How do you market to your best guests when they cruise?
  • Casinos: Are you utilizing ALL the data that your casino generates?
  • Restaurants: Have you embraced analytics as a strategic differentiator?
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  • How much do I invest in marketing?
  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How do I incorporate social media data into my marketing decisions?
  • Should I invest in this new product?
  • Who do I target for this marketing action?
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  • What is the optimal price for my product?
  • How much should I invest in marketing?
  • What do I add or remove from my loyalty program?
  • Who do I target for this marketing action?
  • When do I need to restock?
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  • How does a Predictive Maintenance model reduce costs?
  • What can I do with my geospatial, sensor and other data to streamline operations?
  • How can big data improve safety and compliance?
  • Who will benefit most from my big data investment?
  • How do I handle data from such a wide variety of sources?
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    We have an elegant set of solutions that help you make better decisions, irrespective of the industry you are in.
    If you have data. We have a solution.
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Extend your teams

Big DataBig Data

Big Data

Big data has made some lofty promises. And our clients are reaping the rewards. With over 100 Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Visualization Experts, we apply science and the latest tools and technologies to improve decisions at the world’s largest companies. Whether you are just getting started, or already have a sophisticated architecture in place, the Big Data Managed Services team at Absolutdata can have significant impact. We integrate disparate data, design on-demand machine learning models and build custom reports and dashboards to unlock the full potential of any big data platform.

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Marketing AnalyticsMarketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

How do you get the biggest impact from every marketing dollar you invest? Within your data lie answers that will literally direct you to better spend decisions. Major brands are leveraging our expertise to know customers more deeply, predict what marketing initiatives will yield the best results, and decide what products or services will net a competitive advantage. Absolutdata project teams bring a broad array of Marketing Analytics experience with the latest tools and platforms to power through high value-add projects quickly.

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Customer AnalyticsCustomer Analytics

Customer Analytics

This very moment your customers are painting a vivid picture of their behavior, preferences, and intentions. And they’re doing this by simply going about their daily lives, leaving a digital landscape of data through web, social, apps, mobile, their cars, product use, and service interactions. For a marketer this data is a goldmine. The advanced analytics experts at Absolutdata deliver comprehensive Customer Analytics services for global brands large and small, to understand the consumer journey and drive marketing actions through acquisition, growth and retention.

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   Dashboards     & BI   Dashboards     & BI

   Dashboards     & BI

Storytelling is a big movement in the marketing world because humans connect instantly with stories. A well-designed dashboard makes this same instant connection with executives, managers and individual contributors who make the daily decisions that pulse through a company every minute. With the power of Decision Engineering, we design forward looking dashboards that convey a clear picture of your business situation, and predict future results of specific actions. These predictive dashboards, visualizations and reports can arm an entire staff with clear visuals and dynamic information that empower decisions-large and small-every day.

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Market ResearchMarket Research

Market Research

Technology is changing the research world. With all the new tools, platforms and techniques, it’s a challenge to stay ahead. The phrase “information is power” rings more true than ever. By combining traditional market research, advanced analytics, engineering and creativity, our clients gain a clear and deep understanding of customer needs, market opportunities, brand perception, product innovations, pricing impact, differentiated positioning, and so much more. Leverage our research teams, data management services and over a decade of global market research experience to up-level your game.

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Get the latest technology

NAVIK Concept Test is a cloud based tool that automates concept testing for brand managers, product managers and market researchers. Guided research design, automated field surveys, and results dashboards provide clear, decisive Go/No Go results backed by advanced analytics.
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NAVIK Converter generates hyper personalized campaigns with smart micro segment discovery and customized messages, offers and channels. Marketers can run more diverse campaigns across more channels with custom built personas, Next Best Action guidance, and ideal customer journeys to help run winning campaigns every time.
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