Travel Distribution Summit is North America’s no.1 data & analytics conference for travel executives. It 2 full days of learning on how to ensure organizations have the right strategy, systems, staff and culture in place to use analytics to outperform competitors.

Session Time: – 1:30pm – 2:30pm EST, October 20, 2015

Session Topic: – Practical insights to implement a data driven strategy from scratch

Session Abstract: –

  • Prepare for a new age and approach: Understand how becoming a truly data driven organization requires widening horizons beyond traditional functions
  • Hear examples of how travel brands have broken down the silos in their organizations to ensure each department is working from a common data set and leveraging knowledge to the benefit of multiple stakeholders
  • Data, technology, people and execution: Gain an insight into how to all 4 need to be combined to truly achieve data driven success
  • Data rich but information poor: Innovate your approach to data to become an organization driven by business intelligence

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