NAVIK SalesAI Gives Sales Reps an Intelligent Weekly Game Plan

 San Francisco, CA — September 14, 2016 — Absolutdata, a leading data analytics firm, today announced the release of its groundbreaking NAVIK SalesAI solution, an add-on tool designed to work seamlessly with popular CRM platforms. NAVIK SalesAI is proven to increase sales by providing predictive data on buyers, identifying the most promising prospects and aligning purchaser needs with products and communication channels. Data driven recommendations help sales professionals close more deals more quickly by providing a customized weekly game plan of prioritized leads and actions.

“We tested NAVIK SalesAI in a pilot program with a Fortune 500 industrial products company, and the results were incredible,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata. “Using an A/B approach, we found that a group comprising 50 salespeople in six territories that used NAVIK SalesAI experienced a 4% sales uptick within just seven weeks. NAVIK SalesAI identifies more intelligent pathways to the sale, adding science to the art of selling.”

Sales professionals make critical decisions every day, deciding which prospects to reach out to, what product and service offerings to highlight, and which communication channels will work best. Many salespeople make these decisions based on intuition or follow an organizational playbook. NAVIK SalesAI offers a better alternative by making the buyer central to the process, and applying artificial intelligence to the data. It provides weekly guidance identifying the most promising contacts, specifying which products or services each contact is likely to purchase next and suggesting the most effective communication channel to use. Product recommendations outline the likely reasons motivating a purchase, giving the sales person talking points that resonate with their prospect.

Weekly guidance is delivered in an easy-to-understand dashboard that displays sales data, lead scores and next-best actions for each prioritized contact. The dashboard view also includes critical account information that salespeople can use during calls, and it displays the rationale behind the recommendations to build sales professional confidence in the suggestions. The dynamic dashboard enables users to track sales progress against targets, including metrics on leads, opportunities and win rates and losses, providing a valuable coaching tool.

“Sales effectiveness is a genuine and persistent pain-point for sales leaders across industry types,” noted Kaul. “Almost all organizations experience some version of the ‘80/20 rule,’ where a majority of sales are generated by a small subset of the salesforce. NAVIK SalesAI changes this balance to elevate the whole playing field, making every sales person a high performer.”

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